Drying Carpet Auckland

Carpets can be easily maintained in normal circumstances. When we accidentally spill water on to the carpet we can anyhow dry it by removing them and drying them in open sun. but when the carpet cannot be removed or if the carpet is damped in flooded basement, it is not an easy job and need an expert help.

Time also matters a lot while caring for such an event. If delayed the carpet will be soaked well in the contaminated flood for days, then we may have to discard them. But in most of the cases acting quick will just make them fine and reusable. Our experts are well aware of the correct dehumidifying and air blowing techniques at correct temperature to dry them without any damage.

It is also important to disinfect them since the water is a breeding ground for many pathogens and can cause later health effects such as skin infections and sneezing.

Why to choose us

  • we are proud to have the best specialist Mr. Graeme Stephens, who is a renowned and experienced restoration technician in Auckland working for us on full time basis for over 30 years.
  • ours is the largest and privately-owned company in Auckland with all available advanced technology.
  • We are approved by the major insurance companies and our team help you through the insurance process.
  • We are equipped with powerful extraction equipment with an industrial grade 90 liter capacity dehumidifier to dry and sanitize your carpets, sub flooring, walls, cavities and other furnishing and structures.
  • Our methods are 100% proven to kill germs, Mold spores and odors completely and effectively.
  • Call us on 0212875454 now and we will act quickly and responsibly to make you completely satisfied.

Carpet when they are wet for a long time, they can start growing molds, if left unattended they can spread further causing disfiguring and spoiling the carpet further. We have complete understanding on the problem which can arise and the proven techniques to treat them right.

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