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Drying-carpet-other areas

Drying Carpet other areas

Carpet wetting can be a problem for those who are living in flooded areas or humidifying weathers. It can be easy for some to change their damped carpet spending thousands of dollars, but the truth is your can easily dry and sanitize them to use them back.

Our team of experts are equipped with truck mount units and se most effective units to clean the carpets. We use a combination of citric based cleaner to emulsify soil residue and a high pressure, but low volume hot steam will be pumped into the carpet followed by powerful vacuuming to remove germs and dirt.

For general maintenance when effected by rain, you can treat the carpet as soon as possible. To disinfect you can use bleach mixed in water using brush can be gently brushed away the dirt, open all the windows open as bleach can emit harmful gases. Use an industrial fan to dry the carpet and leave the fan on for at least 35 hours.

If you see no change in the dampness of the carpet call the expert. Prolonged dampness can cause Mold formation. Check the source of water whether the water originated from sewage or from a leaked pipe. It is easier to treat the damped carpet from laky pipes. We can get into action quickly and make the carpet get back to its good condition again.

Why to choose Us

  • We have technologically advanced industrial dehumidifiers and Air blowers
  • As per your convenience we can provide them on a reasonable rent
  • Experience is everything in this field and we have uncompromisingly have the highly experienced staff. They will best in assessing the flood and act quick to secure the surrounding areas.
  • Our technicians are trained on all international standards for flood and drying carpet techniques.
  • We have the largest stock of carpet dryers which are around 446 with 250 industrial capacity dehumidifiers and 217 carpet dryer hangers. We have a team of 29 highly professional staff who are certified in carpet cleaning and flood relief techniques.

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