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Flood Auckland Restoration

Floods cause a variety of damage from wetting the furniture to causing electric shocks due to damped electric system. We will have to act fast right after the occurrence of flooding. Based on the possibility dry the wet furniture immediately, we will complete be able to restore carpets and other items if we could get into action quickly. Never touch electrical switches and equipment and turn the electric panel off.

We understand that the basic care for such an event is to use proper air drying and dehumidifier techniques with right temperature and chemical combination. settings to keep your equipment safe as well as to restore them to their proper condition. Another main problem that could arise from floods is the Mold formation. The humid and moist conditions will encourage the growth of Mold spores. Timely action can eliminate any further spread and damage caused by them.

Our services include

  • Checking the extent of damage including all material, installation and source of flood to alert the client.
  • Determining the best possible and safe dehumidifiers and chemicals as per your need.
  • Continuous monitoring of drying process until all the areas are made safe again.

We will use various anti-microbial applicators and drying techniques to remove bacteria, virus and germs. Our team can decide best among a variety of drying equipment to suit the situation best. We offer trustworthy service in order to make your place completely secured to live.


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