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Flood-other areas

Flood Other Areas

Flood are devastating, and their effects will go far beyond the event. The after-math effects of flood can affect both mentally and physically. Trips and falls due to slimy ground, can cause wounds and other injuries which needs to be treated immediately. If delayed they can result in other hazardous infections due to pathogens, allergens, irritant and bacteria present in contaminated flood water.

Contact with the contaminated water must be avoided as they will be mixed along with the sewage, animal excretions and other pollutants. The after-flood math can also make you fall victim to carbon monoxide emitted from gas equipment, wastage from water pumps, heavy metals and pesticides will pose a serious threat to the people.

People suffering from allergies and asthmas must take more precautions as the damp Moldy conditions will cause uneasiness and worsen their condition.

Another concern in a flooded area is the spread water born diseases. From the pathogens and animal wastes which cause simple skin allergies to epidemic breakout.

What can we do for you

  • water extraction using advanced methods
  • drying the affected areas with most safe and effective air blowers and dehumidifiers
  • free assessment on all your affected areas to determine what method works best for you
  • using safe chemical combinations to sanitize your carpets and curtains
  • monitoring until our experts are satisfied with the safety of your premises

Care must be taken at each level right form the occurrence of flood. It is sometimes a social responsibility to stay safe from all sorts of flood related fallout.



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