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Mould cleaning

Mould is one of the main problems that is hard to treat by our own in the house which should not be ignored as well. It can be a caused from leaky walls, pipes and ground floors and excess moisture. Apart from damage to the beauty of the house the Mould spores can also cause health related issues and skin allergies to the children and adults.

Some of the Mould
are even more dangerous and thus need to be treated immediately. To get rid of Mould completely you need to take animmediate action and help from an expert who has complete knowledge on how to effectively remove it and to stop any recurring growth.

Our will start right at the root of the problem, to diagnose the moisture content and the source of dampness. Our advanced air flow equipment will efficiently kill the spores and prevent the problem perfectly.

We caneven help youto understand how you can maintain and block Mould in the future. We are offering Mould and meth contamination cleaning. Our team is equipped with highly advanced Air-flow equipment to kill the Mould spores completely. We used specially formulated solution to submerge the soft material like curtains clothes to remove the Mould.

Our process includes

  • Testing black mould and its toxicity level
  • Controlling the moisture and drying the affected areas
  • Using safe and advanced Air scrubbing and dehumidifier techniques to remove Mould

When it comes to home, no compromise, because our sweet home needs specialist to care for it and we have over 30 years of experience in the field to provide a full-fledged Mould free home.

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