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Upholtery Cleaning

Upholstery Cleaning

Cleaning with cotton and micro fiber cloth will remove dirt to some extent. Abrasive tolls such s nylon scrubbers and or fine steel wool can be used based on the hardness of stains. Sponge mops can be effective on toilet bowl stains.

Using abrasive or hard scrubbers should be done cautiously as they can scratch and disfigures the items. Following home remedies for cleaning porcelain, plastic, glass, wood stainless steel and painted surfaces. As they are more delicate, and their surface can be easily damaged by a hard scrubber. It needs an expert to take care of such material.

Apart from a regular maintenance some stains need to be dealt carefully to be removed completely and restore them to their original condition. our team goes through required training on how to tackle with different surfaces and the combination of mild to strong chemicals suit for each of them. Some material are delicate and strong material or cleaners cannot be used.

Specialties of Steam and Dry

  • We can effectively clean all different fabrics including Micro suede, Haitian cotton upholstery, velvet, curtains, furniture, lounge suite, couch, mattress, seat, sofa, dining chair and other furniture using safest methods to increase the life of your furniture.
  • Technologically advanced methods to clean and dry upholstery from mites, germs, Mold formations and dust.
  • We have upholstery cleaners which can work even at 70 Celsius which is the best method to kill all allergens.
  • Liquid spills and stains need to be treated carefully to prevent damage to fabric. We know how to deal them best.
  • Call us today at (09) 376 7007, we are confident to make you comfortable and satisfied with our service.


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